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Huber GmbH & Co. KG
Gustav-Weißkopf-Straße 11
90768 Fürth
+49 911 76671-0
+49 911 76671-25

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 10 categories

Machine tools
Grinding machines
Horizontal spindle surface grinding machines
Universal surface grinding machines
Electroerosive and electrochemical machines
Wire spark erosion machines
Die sinking spark erosion machines
Start-hole electric discharge machine
Wire and electrodes for spark erosion machines
Accessories for electroerosive machining
Micro machining
Micro EDM machines
Surface technology
Pre-treatment gadgets for surfaces
Sandblasting, shot blasting and shotpeening equipment
Continuous shot blasting systems

About us

We hold a strong position in the markets with our products and services portfolio – offering many benefits that are confirmed over and over with our unique services portfolio and our comprehensive expertise. We act as the driver, support, and reliable tutor for the product safety and technological progress of our customers. Because we demand high quality of our own achievements and excellent on-time delivery we consider ourselves as reliable partners for our customers with whom we typically have trustworthy and long-term relationships.

We identify market potential early, make use of inter-divisional experiences, and think outside the box. We then frequently take new approaches with time-tested, powerful products or initiate significant, innovative improvements and together with the manufacturers develop products and machines further to meet needs. This allows our customers to work more effectively and profitably, giving them a more competitive edge.

Our unique advantage is the variety of technology offered and our outstanding expert know-how. We know the technologies and markets in practice and speak the language of our customers. We are attentive and understanding listeners and give pragmatical and demand-based advice. We seek the best solution and provide optimal support for its realisation. As a result, we are at the same level with our customers from a technical perspective and respond to their needs in a competent and pragmatical manner. With an impressive machine portfolio, comprehensive services, and accessories, we will support you throughout the entire life cycle of your machines and beyond.

Our customers and their success are our biggest asset. We feel personally responsible for the satisfactory outcome of every encounter, give direct and well-founded answers and offer the most effective solutionsin order to fulfil requirements in an optimal manner – as a fair partner who has a solution in mind.

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