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Elabo GmbH
Roßfelder Str. 56
74564 Crailsheim
+49 (0)7951 307-0
+49 (0)7951 307-66

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About us

Elabo has been setting benchmarks for technical workstation systems in the specialist area of electronics and electrical engineering, fully and semi-automatic industrial test systems, and training systems for the multifaceted competency area of electronics.

The company has been a pacemaker for progress in these areas for more than three decades. We use state-of-the-art technologies, both externally for our client products and in our own company. Our digital image processing systems and our network and fibre optic cable technologies are but a few examples.

Elabo’s distribution and service network covers all of Germany. The company also has branches and partners in virtually every European country. Elabo is also active in the Middle and Far East, in North Africa, and in North America. The company is headquartered in Crailsheim in Southern Germany, near the intersection of the federal highways linking the industrial cities of Nuremberg and Heilbronn, Würzburg and Ulm.

Elabo is a company of the Euromicron Group. This fast-growing company group develops and produces network system components (including fibre optics technologies) and safety technologies. It provides clients with integrated solutions in those areas.
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