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Calling All Media Channels

When the folks at Industry Arena eMagazine suggested a collaboration for an English language version of this issue for EMO Hannover 2019, I was honored to accept on behalf of the editorial team at Cutting Tool Engineering (CTE), a U.S.-based media company.

As CTE's new owner and publisher, I saw this as an opportunity to experiment with the dissemination of our editorial content while also gaining a new perspective on the global manufacturing communities of IndustryArena and CNCzone.

As is the case in manufacturing, where technological advancements continue to foster new innovations, so it is in publishing. This eMagazine allows CTE to experiment with a unique community platform as a content delivery system.

I wholeheartedly agree with a true marriage of digital and print media that offers our audience a variety of options for consuming news and information. At the moment, those options include our print magazine, website, videos, digital app and this eMagazine.

This growing mix of media channels underscores an enduring truth for publishers: We must meet our audience wherever it lives. Our audience uses all these media channels to consume news and information. And as much as the print component of this media mix is brushed aside by some naysayers as outmoded, I’m here to tell you that print media—without question—bolsters the impact of the news and information disseminated via digital media.

In fact, compared to using digital media alone, CTE has found that a combination of print and digital media is 39% more effective at connecting with our audience.

That stat says something about the value of print, to be sure, but it speaks volumes about using a combination of digital and print media to best tell a story.

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