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Coating against thermal shock

FRANKEN Multi-Cut milling cutters were developed specially for high-performance roughing. In addition to the TIALN-coated milling cutters designed for dry machining of medium and high-alloy steels, there is now a new series with ALCR coating available. This coating is characterized by high oxidation resistance and thermal shock stability. It can better isolate the high temperatures that occur at high cutting speeds from the carbide substrate.

The ALCR versions are available as end mills with or without corner radius, ball nose end mills or duplex end mills. They are particularly suitable for wet or dry machining of low-alloy steels, which are often long-chipping and tend to cold weld at the relief angle and in the chip space of a cutting edge. The very smooth surface of the coating reduces the formation of built-up edges and improves chip removal, especially in dry machining. In machining with coolant-lubricant, the new ALCR variants achieve a significantly longer service life than conventional milling cutters.

The patented Duplex geometry refers to combination tools for high-performance cutting (HPC) and high-feed cutting (HFC). The peripheral cutting edges are fitted with an HPC geometry, the face cutting edges with high-feed geometry which allow very high feed rates at a low depth of cut.

Due to variable spacing of flutes combined with the NR profile vibrations and cutting forces are minimized. This makes Multi-Cut milling cutters ideal for roughing in labile machining conditions. Due to optimum coating features, a reliable machining process and increase in productivity is achieved.

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