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EMUGE Thread Depth Plug Gauge

EMUGE, manufacturer of thread cutting, gauging and clamping tools in the EMUGE-FRANKEN company group, introduces the new Thread Depth Plug Gauge with wireless data transfer. It offers significantly more freedom of movement at gauging working place or at the machine.

The go/no-go Thread Depth Plug Gauge permits the gauging of threads and the measuring of thread depth in one operation. It is applied in components with identical thread sizes and different thread depths and as well in the setting of thread depth in all kinds of internal thread production.

The new version “Digital IW” can transmit the measured thread depths wireless directly into a PC. In the Thread Depth Plug Gauge is a radio module of company Mahr integrated, other external modules are not necessary. This integrated module offers the advantage of very low energy consumption, therefore an additional battery is not needed. An USB stick (i-Stick) plugged in the PC receives the data of up to 8 Thread Depth Plug Gauges in a distance up to 6 meters. These data can be imported directly in any Windows-application via installed software MarCom. Because the Thread Depth Plug Gauge confirms the correct transfer of the data in its LCD-display, the data transfer is very safe.

The user gets much more freedom of movement by the wireless data transfer, movement restrictions by cable connection or manual transfer of measurement data will be eliminated. Offered is the Thread Depth Plug Gauge as a single product or as a set. The set includes the i-Stick and the MarCom-software. There are two versions of software available: for working with one Thread Depth Plug Gauge or a professional version for up to 8 Thread Depth Plug Gauges.

Responsible for the content of this press release: EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co. KG


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