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Modular circular thread milling bodies for shorter machining time

The circular thread milling bodies are equipped with exchangeable inserts and target on production of large internal and external threads from M20. All thread milling bodies have an internal coolant supply and are suitable for use in various material, for example such as alloyed steels up to 1,400N/mm², stainless steel materials, cast materials, aluminum alloys or even titanium alloys.

Gigant Modular Sprinter Size 10

More advantages, such as process reliability, high surface quality and the possibility of blind hole threads down to the bottom of the hole are extended with one more benefit of GIGANT Modular Sprinter: the possibility to save machining time. The modular construction allows simultaneous application of three rows of exchangeable inserts. Based on that, the machining time could reduce, depending on material and thread type. Holders are available for all popular machine connection ends.

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