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New product: Twin Taper clamping system

The new clamping system allows a safe and stable alignment of workpieces along rotation axis. Through staggered clamping of the two clamping levels, a reliable alignment of the workpiece along the bore hole is guaranteed. This operation mode enables the balance of conical bore holes with a few hundredth of a millimeter unpreciseness.

Developed for hard finishing, the new product is ideal clamping system for honing or grinding of gearing. The special construction of the twin taper clamping system ensures an accuracy ≤ 5µm and allows the use of floating rests as end stop. Even internal gearing can be clamped without additional clamping elements.

A particular advantage in comparison to hydraulic expansion mandrels is the temperature insensitivity and by factor 3 larger insertion clearance of the workpiece. These characteristics allow the use of automatic loading and higher deviations of bore holes diameter. This means for the user an increase of productivity.

Each twin taper clamping system will be specifically developed and produced according customer requirements.

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