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New Taptor® technology for the production of internal threads

The target behind the development was to achieve high time savings in the production of internal threads in blind holes and through-holes. While the EMUGE Punch Tap and Speedsynchro® technologies generate time savings via shorter tool paths or higher cutting speeds, Taptor® achieves these savings by reducing one working step.

The core hole and thread are produced simultaneously in one operation by the Taptor® tool, developed by EMUGE. The process for which AUDI AG has applied for a patent is basically divided into two steps. In the first step, the movement of the tool corresponds to synchronous tapping. The drill feed per revolution therefore matches the thread pitch. In the second step, the tool cuts free at the drilling depth. And the thread teeth create a circumferential undercut. Then the Taptor® is retracted through the generated thread.

The time advantage results from several individual elements. On the one hand, the entire pre-drilling cycle, including all traverse paths, positioning and tool changes, is eliminated. On the other hand, the main time of the individual thread machining is reduced by the collet holder Speedsynchro Taptor®, which enables a higher cutting speed with its integrated transmission gear. For example, when machining a cylinder head side with 26 threads M6 2xD in cast aluminum, there is a time saving of 41% or 2 seconds per thread.

The process can be used on any machine that is suitable for synchronous tapping, has a spindle with torque support and a suitable tool magazine for holding the Speedsynchro Taptor®.

The Taptor® process is still under further development and is used at AUDI AG for first series production of engine components made of GAL. It will probably be available to all interested parties from mid-2020.

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