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Quick tool change at the touch of a button

Pressing the locking button releases the threading tool. The next tool can be inserted quickly and without tools. The tool only requires a circular groove in the shank, which ensures a secure hold through positive-locking clamping and which EMUGE can place into the required threading tools.

The slim SnapLock holder complements the family of Softsynchro® holders as a quick-change version and is available in two versions. They differ in their length adjustment, which is integrated in the SnapLock L version and simplifies tool presetting. The length of the holder with the tool can be varied up to 3 mm.

In both versions the well proven Softsynchro® minimum length compensation is integrated, which transmits the torque separately from the undesired axial force and thus compensates for axial errors in thread production in the best possible way. Both versions are also designed for internal coolant supply up to 50 bar and have an integrated seal on the tool shank.

The quick-change holder allows the use with threading tools from M4.5 to M12 and is available for common machine connections.

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