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Endurance is launching a new 6-th giveaway

Endurance giveaway: Win 10 watt, 5.6 watt, 2.1 watt and 500 mWatt laser 

Endurance lasers are:

  • Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines
  • Rated for real, continuous power output
  • Easy to use and install
  • Tested for 48-72 hour nonstop operation

All laser power options: 2100 mW (2.1W), 3500 mW (3.5W), 5600 mW (5.6W), 8000 mW (8W), 8500 mW (8.5W+), 10000 mW (10W) 445 nm wavelength that can converts almost any 3D printer or CNC machine into an engraving or cutting machine.

Watch more useful videos about diode lasers and 10 watt+ Endurance laser module.

You can find more information about the giveaway here.

If you want to get a prompt response - talk to CEO and a founder of Endurance George I Fomitchev directly!

Facebook messenger: @george.fomitchev
SMS, WhatsApp, Viber: +7.916.225.4302
Google Hangouts: gfomitchev@gmail.com
Telegram: @georgefomitchev
Skype: george.fomitchev
KIK: @endurancelasers
LinkedIn: @georgefomitchev
E-mail: gf@EnduranceRobots.com
US Phone number: +1.239.305.00.53

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