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Huge Black Friday sale from Endurance lasers.

Endurance presents a solid-state (diode) laser add-on (attachment) that will convert your 3D printer or CNC machine into a powerful laser cutting/engraving machine.

Your 3D printer or CNC router will get an ultimate ability to cut wood, plywood, acrylic, ABS, PLA, hardboard, cardboard, balsa, MDF, felt, fabric, leather, and many other materials. This laser attachment allows doing laser engraving/etching on any surfaces including stainless steel, copper, brass, anodized aluminum, glass, acrylic.

Endurance lasers help do laser marking and laser cutting at home or in a small workshop.

We offer a variety of different lasers modules:

  • An affordable 2.1 watt (2100 mW) laser is good for laser engraving mostly and cutting thin materials such as: felt, hardboard, cardboard, paper and wood / plywood 1-2 mm thick.
  • An advanced 3.5 watt (3500 mW) laser is the best tool for beginners who would like to cut soft materials 2-3 mm thick and to engrave on many surfaces such as acrylic, synthetic stone, leather, etc.
  • A powerful 5.6 watt (5600 mW) laser cuts up to 3-5 mm of wood, plywood and acrylic. Can engrave on painted metals, glass, natural stone.
  • An ultra-powerful 8 watt (8000 mW) laser is an excellent instrument for advanced users who are going to cut up to 8 mm of wood, plywood, acrylic and other materials.
  • An "infinite" 8.5 watt+ (8500 mW) laser is the best tool for professional marking of stainless steel, copper, brass, anodized aluminum. Can do laser cutting much faster than an 8-watt laser
  • An "Invincible" 10 watt (10000 mW) laser is a flagship development of Endurance lasers. Can cut up to 10 mm of wood, plywood, balsa, MDF, acrylic and efficiently engrave on a variety of metal surfaces.
  • An "Invincible plus" 10 watt+ (10000+ mW) laser is a brand new development of Endurance lasers that was presented in August 2018. The laser has TEC cooling, air assist pump (compressor) and a big focusing ring.
  • A double beam 20 (20000 mW) laser attachment. The first double beam solid-state (semiconductor) 445 nm diode laser on the market. Engraves on any metallic surfaces the same way as Co2 and fiber laser machines do.

Great news that you have a unique opportunity to try Endurance lasers with huge 40% discount!
Get a free shipment and an ultimate tech support!

Learn more on http://EnduranceLasers.com 
or visit Endurance's store https://Endurance-Lasers.com 

Ask your questions directly to CEO and founder of Endurance George I Fomitchev online in any messenger

Facebook messenger: https://www.facebook.com/george.fomitchev 
SMS, WhatsApp, Viber: +7.916.225.4302
Google Hangouts: gfomitchev@gmail.com 
Telegram: @georgefomitchev
Skype: george.fomitchev
E-mail: gf@EnduranceRobots.com 

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