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Electro Optical Systems


Electro Optical Systems / EOS GmbH
Robert-Stirling-Ring 1
82152 Krailling / München
+49 (0)89 893 36-0
+49 (0)89 893 36-286

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 1 categories

Additive Manufacturing
Machines and systems for additive manufacturing
Other systems for additive manufacturing
Systems for selective laser melting / sintering (SLS, SLM)
Services for additive manufacturing
Consultants for additive processes
Design development for additive processes

About us

EOS is the global technology leader for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. Founded in 1989, the independent company is a pioneer and innovator for holistic solutions in additive manufacturing. Everything EOS does is founded on the cornerstones of corporate responsibility and sustainability, both inward- and outward-facing. Whereby EOS embraces a deep commitment to customers and their needs.

Like no other company, EOS is mastering the interaction of laser and powder material. Additionally, EOS provides all essential elements for industrial 3D printing. System, material and process parameters are intelligently harmonized to ensure a reliable high quality of parts and thus facilitating a decisive competitive edge. Furthermore customers benefit from deep technical expertise in global service, applications engineering and consultancy.
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