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Ephy Mess

Tailor-made sensors. Worldwide.


Ephy Mess GmbH
Berta-Cramer-Ring 1 / OT Delkenheim
65205 Wiesbaden
+49 (0)6122 9228-0
+49 (0)6122 9228-99

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About us

EPHY MESS GmbH is a leading manufacturer and distributor of tailored made industrial measurement and sensor technology. In its 60-year history, the medium-sized family-owned company has established itself as a well-known company in Germany through precision products and solutions, innovative engineering and continuous exploratory urge. Always been anchored in the vicinity of Wiesbaden, EPHY-MESS has, since the turn of the millennium, risen to become a global provider which now supplies markets in 37 countries. The export ratio is about 40%.

Safety in all areas
The temperature sensors we develop, produce and market, meet applicable safety standards not only in conventional industrial sectors, but also increasingly in new industries of an ecologically based "green" economy.
Therefore you find our detectors and thermometers in virtually all high-speed trains worldwide, in heavy machinery as well as in air-conditioning and refrigeration technology or in wind power plants and hydroelectric installations.

Faith is the base!
The supplier is king, the customer is emperor - with this sentence we measure ourselves, because we produce and deliver our products using our high-quality raw and basic materials at the requested delivery date. We customize the desired fine technological equipment to the individual requirements of our end users. More and more risk management is requested in a rapidly accelerating world, this needs absolute reliability. Fulfilling these conditions allows the most important character trait that determines the relation between EPHY-MESS, its suppliers and its customers to grow: faith.

Tailor-made sensors: Flexibility. Excellent service.
Through our flexible response to specific requirements and our excellent willingness to help in all problems, our customers obtain tailor-made sensor technology. The comprehensive quality control also ensures long-lasting products under worldwide different operating conditions.
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