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ETEL S.A. News

A new member of the module portfolio

The DXR+ is a rotary module of ETEL featuring a compact design, light mass, large hollow shaft and providing the right performance to cost ratio for mid-end applications in semiconductor and electronics.

The DXR+ brings major improvements in terms of stiffness which has a direct impact on the control bandwidth of the XY stage that is supporting it. The DXR+module can be operated from 48 VDC up to 300 VDC bus voltage. It can be driven by an AccurET modular 48 or 300, or by an AccurET VHP for better position stability requirements. 

Like for any other standard modules from ETEL (ZT, Z3TH, RTTB), the DXR+ can ne mounted on any standard XY platforms. The DXR+ is a one degree of freedom module allowing unlimited angular travel. Nevertheless, as an option, travel can be limited to angular segments that are multiple of around 60°. The cleanliness level of a DXR+ ranges from ISO 5 down to ISO 1 under specific conditions

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