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EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH
Robert-Koch-Straße 5
22851 Norderstedt
+49 40 529560-0
+49 40 5249959

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 10 categories

Metrology & quality assurance
Measuring instruments
Rheological measurement equipment
Abrasion gauges
Special purpose measuring equipment
Testing systems for quality assurance
Material testing apparatus
Cutting equipment for moulded parts
Particle size analysers
Material testing equipment and machines, general
Devices and machines for non-destructive testing
Apparatus for non-destructive testing
Testing agents for non-destructive testing by dye penetrant method
Analytical devices
Instruments and apparatus for testing and analysing solid substances
Microsystem technology
Precision machining, spark erosion, laser and ultrasonic

About us

Welcome to EXAKT!

Small details often have a large impact on making our products better than the rest. So when it comes to fineness, we're at our best: finest cutting and grinding is what we're all about! Our innovative machinery is sure to keep us one step ahead of the competition. How so? Because in R&D and in production we take pride in working towards values that make our products efficient, reliable, and innovative. These values are our sacred trust and we strive to live up to them each and every day. This is what makes our word as good as gold!

Passion and technology...

...are no contradiction in our company philosophy. On the contrary: in today's world, no company will be able to develop reliable technology and provide professional advice without taking a proactive interest in customer requirements.

Tradition and innovation...

...go hand in hand in our line of thinking. In more than 50 years of business, we have remained dedicated to quality and reliability while greeting the future with an open mind – not only in R&D but also in seeking international business opportunities.

Made in Germany and international business...

...are two sides of the same coin to us: on the one hand we work hard to ensure top quality from A to Z in anything we produce in our home plant in Norderstedt. On the other hand, we strive to consolidate the leading position of our products on the world market.

The greatest precision and durability...

...are two key production principles. Uncompromising precision down to the micrometer range is a prerequisite for the ruggedness and durability of our machinery. Our commitment to top quality in material and production standards is unrivalled.

Research and customer orientation...

...come together in everything we do. Intensive R&D in cooperation with partners such as the universities prepares us for the continuous stream of new demands made by markets and customers. Our customers require top-quality materials and procedures to achieve top-quality results.

Our company has its headquarters in Norderstedt, near Hamburg. The company was founded in 1949 by Otto Herrmann. From the very beginning, EXAKT products were of the highest quality. Our high quality standards are the reason we produce our products almost exclusively on our own premises. As a medium-sized company, we measure ourselves against "the big ones": we export 80% of what we produce -- all around the world. More than 60 dealers support us with sales and service worldwide. The uncompromising reliability and quality of our products distinguish our company from the rest.

We are an innovative manufacturer of equipment for research, development, and production in a wide variety of areas of application. We have been the leader for three roll mills for the laboratory and limited production around the world for many years. Since 1980, we have been setting standards with demanding technologies for precise cutting with diamond-coated tools and precision grinding.

Customer orientation inspires the development of new devices. Our expertise in the application of our equipment creates opportunities for you, which can result in an economic advantage for you. Benefit from our expertise!