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Exentis Group


Exentis Group AG
Im Stetterfeld 2
5608 Stetten
+41 56 484 55 31
+41 56 484 55 30

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Additive Manufacturing
Machines and systems for additive manufacturing
Other systems for additive manufacturing
Services for additive manufacturing
Consultants for additive processes
Design development for additive processes

About us

Exentis has a comprehensive patented 3D technology platform: Exentis is the only 3D printing company in the world that has implemented mass production: Industrialized Additive Manufacturing. With free choice of material.

As a technology company, Exentis develops integrated product solutions for its customers within the scope of development projects and at the same time offers the production of components and semi-finished products.

A special focus is on the development of customer-specific materials.

The customer then decides whether Exentis will produce the components or whether he will acquire his own production license and production on his own premises. In this case, Exentis provides the process know-how, the Exentis 3D production unit(s), printing screens, pastes, services and, if required, the operating personnel as part of a one-stop shop.

The Exentis 3D printing technology is universally applicable. For industrial parts made of metals and ceramics as well as for clean room production of pharmaceutical or bio-printing products. Instead of time-consuming and cost-intensive tool conversions, the customer can flexibly implement any geometry adjustments within a few days by using new screen sets.

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