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Fagor Arrasate Products
Fagor Arrasate S. Coop.
Test installations for quality control
Inspection lines
The inspection lines allow exhaustive checking of each metre of the coil, so that the end user will receive certified quality material throughout its entire length.

The inspection needs to be done in cabins with controlled lighting, and important control equipment is added to monitor the entire quality data flow. On this type of lines, electrostatic oilers, markers, edge trimming and central cutting systems and other equipment adding value to the end product are also used. If a low-quality area is detected these metres are eliminated at high speed (using rotary shears) and the tail of the rewound part is joined to the head of the coil that has already been cleaned, using sophisticated equipment, including laser beam welding and TIG technology.

These lines can reach rewind speeds of 600 m/min. Ensuring a high surface quality is particularly important, as is reducing idle times. The threading and feeding cycles, for example, are very short and optimised. They normally have integrated control to level 3, integrated monitoring and multimedia display, etc. All the lines comply with the most rigorous regulations: EC, OSHA, etc.
  • Inspection lines
  • Inspection lines
  • Inspection lines
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