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About us

FANUC develops high quality products featuring "intelligence", "ultra precision" and "high functionality, while adhering to its basic policy of "high reliability" in product development. One third of FANUC Japan employees in research and development of FANUC’s leading-edge products.

All FANUC products are developed and produced in Japan. This is possible thanks to the full robotizzation and automation of the production lines.

FANUC incorporates broad robotization into all manufacturing activities, with more than 1,000 robots now operating at FANUC factories. FANUC is also rapidly installing intelligent robots to enhance the efficiency of its machining and assembly processes, promoting the increased technical and financial benefits of advanced automation at its own factories. By making the most of its vast experience in using its latest advanced products at its own production facilities, FANUC has demonstrated that automation and robotization bring high efficiency and cost reductions to manufacturing and production processes.
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