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FANUC’s CRX enters the European Stage

Easy installation and programming make new lightweight collaborative robot ideal for a wide range of users

After its debut at the biggest international robot show in the world, the iREX in Tokyo in December 2019, FANUC's newest collaborative robot, the CRX 10-iA, is ready to enter the European stage. Weighing only 39 kilograms, the arm of the smoothly designed shiny white robot can perform a highly functional underflip motion to pick a part from a table in front it and put the part on the table behind it in one single, smooth motion.

The newcomer boasts an Industrial Protection rating of IP54. This means that it is highly protected against dust or oil leakages common in industrial environments. It also fully complies with ISO 10218-1 safety standards. Because of its very low weight, the CRX can be easily installed in a broad range of applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGV).  

The load capacity of the CRX-10iA is 10 kilograms. It comes in two versions: a short-arm version with a reach of 1.2 meters and a long-arm version with an arm reaching up to 1.4 meters. The CRX features the same reliable safety features as its six predecessors from the FANUC's CR series: Its sensors are extremely sensitive and trigger an immediate safety stop at the touch of a human body.

To simplify man-machine collaboration, the CRX-10iA features a tablet computer as a teach pendent. Offering intuitive operation the special new user interface is particularly suitable for users with little robot programming experience. As the users can easily re-program the robots and move them around themselves in different positions the CRX is highly adaptable to changing production environments.

Grippers, sensors or inspection tools from third party manufacturers can also be installed by end users, as FANUC provides software development kits to third party device manufacturers. The CRX-10iA is therefore ideal for customers who want to use robots in their production for the first time and who want to take a "do it yourself approach" on installation and programming.

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