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High strength and inertia

FANUC launches the new M-20iB/35S robot. The latest addition to FANUC’s all-new M-20iB series of industrial robots, the M-20iB/35S boasts an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and has been designed to achieve faster cycles and increased throughput on a range of applications. Equipped with a lightweight upper arm and inline wrist, and weighing just 205 kg, the M-20iB/35S delivers high inertia and lifts a full 35 kg.

This, combined with its compact design and narrow arm, makes it ideally suited to numerous high-payload machine tending and loading applications in a small footprint. For maximum versatility, it can be floor, angle or ceiling mounted in accordance with customer requirements.

Fully able to cope with the spray, moisture and dirt associated with many machining processes, the M-20iB/35S comes fully encapsulated to IP67 standard. Enclosed construction also means there are no exposed cables or motors to snag peripheral devices or trap dirt.

For added flexibility, the M-20iB/35S supports various intelligent functions such as FANUC’s proprietary iRVision system. Applications and cell design can be modelled easily using the ROBOGUIDE offline simulation PC tool. A broad range of software options as well as dedicated safety features such as FANUC Dual Check Safety are also available for the M-20iB/35S.

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