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The new high-performing washing robot with IP67 as standard

FANUC will be unveiling its latest robot developed specifically for industrial washing applications in extreme working environments at the EMO. The R-2000 i C/210WE robot is a new model of the R-2000 i C series featuring a further developed mechanical design, which is of particular interest for the automotive, its suppliers, tear 1 and other industries with washing needs.

Robust, strong and waterproof – the R-2000 i C/210WE can be summed up in a few words. With a maximum payload of 210 kg, it can effortlessly withstand the high-pressure loads and incalculable forces occurring in the washing process even over long periods of time. Based on a special anti-corrosion protection, the entire robot (outer surface, reducers, etc.) is completely resistant to moisture and detergents and therefore optimally adapted to the extreme conditions of use. The inside of the robot, e.g. motors, connectors, etc. is protected by covers, which seal the machine to achieve IP67. Additionally, all internal services (cables, air pipes, etc.) are safely housed in a robust, flexible hose. The reducers are oil-equipped and designed to withstand demanding environment temperatures as well as mechanical stress caused by washing operations.

FANUC will present the R-2000 i C/210WE at the EMO in a real wash cell with water usage to demonstrate a cleaning process. The wash cell consists of two robots and is completely enclosed:

    • The new R-2000 i C/210WE, which carries an engine block over a fixed high-pressure nozzle;
    • The LR Mate 200 i D/7WP, which carries a low-pressure nozzle.

The R-2000 i C/210WE carries an engine block over a fixed mounted high-pressure washing nozzle. The LR Mate 200 i D/7WP independently carries a water nozzle and performs low-pressure cleaning on a second, smaller motor part.

"To handle its extreme tasks, FANUC has developed the R-2000 i C/210WE on the basis of the R2000 series, made it IP67 waterproof with a new design especially for washing applications", says Thomas Schneider, Product Manager for Material Handling and Robot Vision at FANUC Europe."This makes it one of the strongest washing robots which is capable of withstanding extreme and demanding washing environments.”

The entire R-2000iC/210WE, is air-purge controlled in two separate circuits as standard; the status can easily be read and checked at any time via the Teach Panel or further processed by the robot program or the connected PLC. Its standard IP67 protection ensures maximum availability without downtime. With the range of horizontal reach of 2450 mm and vertical reach of 3415 mm, the robot is flexible for several application possibilities. A number of industry-specific cleaners and additives are tested and approved. On request, FANUC will also test non-approved customer specific detergents on the new R-2000 washing robot.

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