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FANUC Products
FANUC Deutschland GmbH
Laser cutting centres


FANUC CO2 Laser represents a reliable, precise and cost-effective way to cut sheet metal. Producing smoother cutting edge surfaces than fiber, it delivers superior parts fitting regardless of material thickness.
Featuring plug and play compatibility, the technology is fully integrated into a single space-saving cabinet.

Your advantages:
• 1 to 6 kW
• tailored beam quality
• maximum versatility – wide range of uses
• laser cutting and combined laser/punching
• low energy and gas consumption
• for mild steel up to 32 mm plus
• stainless steel cutting free from oxidation up to 20 mm plus
• for alternating thin to very thick sheets
• smoothest cutting edge guaranteed
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FANUC Fiber Laser
FANUC Fiber Laser
Laser cutting centre
FANUC Deutschland GmbH
Laser cutting centres
FANUC Fiber Laser
To increase your options, FANUC has developed a new fiber laser that shares the same cutting machine technology as FANUC’s existing CO2 laser sources. So whether you want to run fiber or CO2 laser, all you need do is change the source – the base stays the same, saving you money and making you more flexible. Not requiring complex mirror technology, fiber laser transfers the beam to the cutting head via a fiber optic cable. FANUC Fiber Laser is perfectly suited to thin material applications and provides fast, reliable and efficient industrial sheet separation on a small footprint. Like other FANUC products, it also combines easily with FANUC robots for intelligent and efficient material handling.

Your advantages:
• 500 W to 6 kW
• compatible operation with CO2 laser
• efficient machine development thanks to a flexible, encapsulated fiber optic cable
• very high-speed cutting up to 6 mm
• cuts extremely fine contours
• cuts non-ferrous metals
• easy 3D thin metal cutting
• replacing the process fiber is easy
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