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Faudi GmbH
Faudi-Straße 1
35260 Stadtallendorf
+49 6428 702-0
+49 6428 702-188

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Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 16 categories

Machine tools
Turning machines (lathes)
Grinding machines
Safety and environment
Air protection systems and components
Water treatment, plants and components
Recycling plants
Disposal systems

About us

Two fields of activity, one goal: Satisfied customers

With the development of aviation fuel filters in the 40s, FAUDI provided increased air traffic safety. Today, with the Coolant (coolant treatment) and Process (chemical and petrochemical) product divisions, the company safeguards trouble-free operation in diverse industry sectors, such as in the oil, gas and chemical industries, in refineries and power plants, in the automotive and automotive supply industry, in the metalworking industry and in steel mills.

FAUDI systems keep things running.

The more complex and technically demanding a system is, the more sensitively it reacts to even the smallest irregularities. Water in oils can lead to corrosion of machines and of the product being processed. Proactive filtration of solids in coolants prevents operational shut-downs and keeps production running.

Safety with FAUDI

Not only the medium needs to run optimally, so does the filter system itself. FAUDI filtration systems operate long-term, reliably and with low maintenance entirely in keeping with the promise: We keep work flowing!
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