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The smarter way of forming

Aximus V02
Aximus V02
Flexible manufacturing system for tubes and sections
Felss Systems GmbH
Flexible manufacturing systems for tubes and sections
Aximus V02
The Aximus generation machines for axialforming

Axial forming is a forming process where internal and external splines are pressed onto hol-low workpieces. By the recursive tool movement the most precise results can be achieved.
Aximus is a modular and therefore very flexible machine design that simplifies adapting the technology to your requirements.

The Aximus V02 is used to form one or more highly precise spline systems on hollow or solid parts with a total length of up to 400 millimeters. The vertical Aximus offers a sixfold tool changer and a patented system, which reduces the axial forces and makes it possible to tooth extremely thin-walled tubes. Thanks to the interlinkage of the Aximus with other stations, additional process steps, such as threading and deoiling are possible.


The systems are perfectly configured by Felss experts for the respective production situation – this also applies if at a later date, crucial requirements such as quantities or the geometry of the part change. Aximus can be retrofitted at any point in time.

The range of parts that can be produced with Aximus is extremely broad. Internal and external splines are produced on the systems – even simultaneously if necessary. Having short change-over times also means that small batch sizes can be manufactured economically.

Highest precision is a feature of axial forming with Aximus. The reproducibility of the process is also optimum. Even large-volume production processes are completed with high process reliability. Plus: The hardening distortion during axial forming is minimal.

Felss produces the Aximus machines in both vertical and horizontal versions, both of which are extremely compact. They can also be easily integrated into existing automation solutions.

The design of Aximus is completely modular – from the automation to the control cabinet “modular3”. Added to this are modern components such as the CNC control that is used. The result is an extremely sustainable system generation.

Wide range of applications
When using the Aximus systems, users also benefit from a patented Felss innovation: the frequency modulation. Forming takes place during many small steps. The forming forces that occur are hereby reduced by approximately 40%. The innovative process can thereby be used with a series of new applications. Thin-walled hollow shafts and internal splines in blind holes can be produced in the same way as for instance large modules, gearbox shafts or external and internal splines in one clamping.
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Generation e4.0
Generation e4.0
Flexible manufacturing system for tubes and sections
Felss Systems GmbH
Flexible manufacturing systems for tubes and sections
Generation e4.0
Be it through short-term customizable batch size, long-term expandability of manufacturing plants or consistent and easy process control. Generation e4.0 continuously expands the playing field for the numerous advantages of cold forming , enabling not only more efficient production processes , but also economic component designs in completely new areas of application.

There is no doubt that the international competition in machine construction will continue to intensify in the future. Especially rotary swaging systems are evolving into a very fiercely competitive market segment, in which players worldwide are competing against each other; this is the assessment of a current Roland-Berger study. The machine manufacturers at Felss have the perfect solution with their launch of “Generation e4.0“ on the market.

Generation e4.0 is extremely fast and flexible. The latest generation of Felss rotary swaging machines is operated electrically and thus enables significant energy savings and a reduction in the amount of oil required in running operations. It offers shortened setup times, a high degree of adaptability, and simple process control. Generation e4.0 is also Industry 4.0-compatible and is home to various digital applications.

Faster familiarisation of new operators, higher output and mproved production system availability.

Immediate reconfiguration, effortless adjustment to workpiece changes, easily adapted to new workpieces.

Flexible production with low stocks, small batches for on-call orders, effortless adjustment to lot size.

Reduced electricity consumption, discerning use of operating supply items, cleaner machines.
  • Generation e4.0
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Flexible manufacturing system for tubes and sections
Felss Systems GmbH
Flexible manufacturing systems for tubes and sections
The Tube+ machine offers partial thickening of the walls of a thin-walled blank. The Tube+ process of the same name developed by Felss enables an increase in wall thickness through a cold forming process, and thus the greatest possible component accuracy. Tube+ is an alternative to heat forming. Greater measurement accuracy can be achieved in comparison with heat forming, and process steps, blank costs, and cycle times can often be saved. Thus, despite the high degree of forming, a heat supply and large forming presses can often be dispensed with. Together with the saving of process steps, Tube+ in this way ensures an increase in economic efficiency. The Tube+ machine is currently a prototype in a horizontal version and produces tubes thickened on one side as preliminary stages for pitman arm shafts. In future, the machine will be available according to the module principle for various market segments with customer-oriented products. This means that it will also be possible in future to manufacture drive shafts with both ends thickened using our Tube+ process.


Weight-optimized use of materials through intelligent material distribution.

Increased stability over the entire component length, up to 50% in the thickened area.

Resource Efficient
Avoidance of trash and reduction of process steps.

Short cycle times.

More Precise
High dimensional stability, narrow tolerances, high surface quality.

  • Tube+
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