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Ecoca Industrial Co.


Ecoca Industrial Co., Ltd
No. 401, 28th Road, Taichung Industrial Park
40768 Taichung City
+886 4 23597666
+886 4 23597669

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About us

From the beginning, our top priority was to strive for quality, but our management knew that quality materials alone are not enough to guarantee quality machines. So, we employed the most qualified engineers, chose a proven, reliable design and began our production. The policy proved successful, but we did not stop there. Our goal is to make ECOCA synonym to high quality products. Our efforts resulted in the Chinese National Standard award "CNS" for conventional turning machine, an ever-growing list of long-term agency arrangements with qualified machine distributors all over the world, A Plus Quality Control Factory Award, Taiwan innovation Prize and ISO-2000 certificate at the first application.

Since the establishment of the company, we have devoted ourselves to the development and production of lathes. Our product line expanded from conventional lathes to teach-in lathes, and CNC lathes. In addition to simple 2-axis lathes, we developed big capacity slant-bed lathes and CNC lathes with Y axis functions over the years. In June, 2009, we launched our machining center production line and started the production of vertical machining centers and double-column machining centers. With such a complete product line, we hope to cover most demands in the metal cutting industries.

High quality products result from professional R&D, sincere assembly, and strict QC effects. Our young and high-efficiency staff enable us to adapt ourselves to the changes in the industry and meet various demands of our customers. In addition to the high quality of our products, we also provides our customers with excellent service and technical support.

Endless improvements to meet the ever changing world markets.In order to meet the rapid changes in the global markets. We reactly swiftly in information collecting, products development, and strategic alliances.Meanwhile, we also constantly make internal improvements in our management, R&D, and employee education so that we may maintain our competitive advange in the industry.