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FlexiCAM GmbH
Benkertsweg 9
97246 Eibelstadt
+49 9303 9081-0
+49 9303 990350

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About us

With numerous offices and technology centers all around the world, FlexiCAM has grown to become a market leader in the CNC router industry. With constant innovative additions to our product line and our commitment to quality products has insured FlexiCAM as a industry leader in manufacturing solutions.


FlexiCAM is part of the Vogel Group which was established in 1988. Before the introduction of FlexiCAM Routers, the Vogel Group was a solution provider for router customers, servicing, customizing, selling and conducting maintenance on routers manufactured by European and North American companies.

From these experiences we learned what to do and what not to do when manufacturing, and taking care of the customer. After extensive development and testing, the FlexiCAM product line was released in early 1998, to a great response. Since that time FlexiCAM has continued to develop its control technology, offering customers upgrades to the latest options and features that have been added to the system.

We strive to make sure that your system doesn't become outdated by delivering remote firmware upgrades available for your controller, so you can have the same product that is shipping out of the factory. The product line has continued to evolve with our moving table systems, as well as our Advanced Control Systems, allowing for customized application solutions, for ever demanding customer requirements.