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Fortune Pacific Machine Tool


Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Ltd
No.78 Great Wall Rd.
271000 Taian, Shandong
+86 538 6918-256
+86 538 6918-416

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Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 50 categories

Machine tools
Turning machines (lathes)
Drilling machines
Boring machines
Milling machines
Machining centres
Grinding machines
Gear cutting and finishing machines
Planing, shaping, slotting and broaching machines
Sawing and cutting-off machines

About us

FORTUNE PACIFIC was founded by Frank as a manuafacture, wholesale company for machinery with agencies and is one of today's leading suppliers of China machinery retailers. Nowadays is a worldwide reliable supplier of machinery and accessories.

begaining in 1993, FORTUNE PACIFIC sold TAISHAN brand products to Indonesia and Thailand Market, to be Leading famous Brand in local market. Till now many brand like FORTUNE PACIFIC, FORTUNE,SKY MASTER, NEWAY, KAIDA,SMTCL……LIDUO Brand are distributed throughout the world into industry, manufacturing, government agencies, the MOD and education, oil fields, railway such as: Automatic Fare Collection; Automatic train control system; Automatic train operation system; Automatic train protection system;Communication Based Train Control System; Platform Screen doors Central interface panel; Training system of machinists in bullet train unit; Railway vehicles; Railway vehicles (passenger car); Railway freight; Railway passenger transportation; Locomotive; Railway training model product series;We also supply to many dealers, distributors and local agents worldwide.