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G&N Genauigkeits Maschinenbau


G&N Genauigkeits Maschinenbau Nürnberg GmbH
Wetterkreuz 35
91058 Erlangen
+49 9131 7576-0
+49 9131 771291

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 13 categories

Machine tools
Grinding machines
Tool grinding machines
Gear cutting and finishing machines
Parts and components
Mechanical components
Precision tools & clamping technology
Tooling devices

About us

In 1994 the machine tool division was sold off and in spring the same year G&N GmbH was founded which since then has been able to successfully continue and consolidate the machine tool division of the predecessor and ensure repair and spare part service for all (more than 16,000) installed machines world-wide.

By re-employing the most experienced engineers, we started modernizing the existing machines as well as developing wafer grinding machines with a capacity of Ø 300 mm.

To further the goal of offering unbeatable customer service we moved, in 1995, into a modern 3,500 m² facility located in the town of Erlangen near Nuremberg and its International Airport. This allowed us to vastly improve the customer application department as well as modernize the customer service department with state-of-the-art technology. With a service hotline and a spare parts warehouse, we want to guarantee that spare parts are immediately available from stock.With the new Web-Site, www.grinders.de, software upgrades can be "mailed" and received by the customer almost instantly and potential customers can view all the products and match their applications to G&N solutions independent on time or geographic constraints. All mechanical, electrical and software design as well as application engineering is kept in-house thus ensuring single-source responsibility to our customers.

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