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Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb


Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
James-Watt-Str. 12
72755 Metzingen
+49 (0)7123/18040
+49 (0)7123/18384

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Asking price

  • Reference number 1049-754134
    Manufacture Year 2007
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Erosion, electrochemical and ultrasonic machines
  • Wire spark erosion machines
  • AGIE
  • table length
    500 mm
    table width
    350 mm
    65 A
    total power requirement
    20 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    4000 kg
    dimensions of the machine ca.
  • A G I E (Switzerland)
    CNC - Controlled Wire Cutting EDM Machine
    Model AGIECUT PROGRESS V 3, Year 2007

    Working range, X Y Z (=height) 500 x 350 x 426 mm
    Wire head, U-V axis (helical/taper cuts) + / - 30 °/ +/- 70 mm
    Resolution of axes 0.0001 mm
    Speed for positioning the axes up to 3 m/Min.
    Tolerances (If machine is new) 4 µ

    Workpiece dimensions, L x W x H max. 1.050 x 650 x 420 mm
    Max.weight of workpiece with/w.o. Dieelektricum 400/800 kg
    Clamping System Universal Beams with fixing holes

    Cutting wire Ø 0.2 – 0.33 mm
    Size of wire roll up to 25 kg
    Cutting speed of wire 60 – 300 mm/s.

    Total electrical load, approx. 20 kW - 400 V - 50 Hz
    Weight, approx. 4,000 kg
    Dimensions of machine approx. 2.4 x 2.2 x 2.4 m

    Accessories / Special Features

    • AGIEVISION 5 CNC Path Control for 5 Axis with OS 2 Machining Version and
    With various subprogrammes for a easier and faster designing of machining
    programmes, Technology devices, PP 123 Agie Geometric helps,
    DNC-Connection,Graficheck in 2 D a. 3 D, Rethreading of wire when wire is
    cutted-off, Optimizing the programmed pathes, PURECUT for reduction of
    Oxidation on workpiece surface,10 various program-languages, and many
    more features.
    • Mobile electronic hand held control unit for manual adjustments and
    set-ups for new workpieces, and separate standing control panel with
    CD-recorder and large monitor.
    • “DA” PROGRESS integrated Dieelectricum Aggregate with chiller and
    Filtering System, large tank incorporated in machine’s basement, Koax
    • AGIE Generator with 65 A Capacity and cutting performance up to
    300/450 mm²
    • AGIE Automatic Wire Threading System with wire shredder and container
    mounted in backside of machine.

    Condition : Very good. The machine comes from a first class tool and die
    shop. It has been kept in very good order and was regularly
    Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
    Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.

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