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GIB Dresden mbH
An der Pikardie 6
1277 Dresden
+49 (0)351/21664-50
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About us

The company GIB - Society for Industrial Consulting Dresden mbH was founded in 1990 and placed with CAD Services and NC programming for the tool, model and mold on the market. The development of CAM software launched in parallel. GIBcam was introduced at the EMO Hannover 1993.
The trunk of the employee who is employed in companies based in Dresden. In addition, several distributors in Germany, Japan and Korea are active for GIB. In various collaborations GIB working in Germany with institutes and technical universities. As part of these collaborations, students are encouraged and supervised dissertations.
In addition to the continuously growing user base in Germany, there are a variety of active GIBcam software licenses in various applications in Korea, Japan or Taiwan and in Europe, for example in Poland, France, Malta and Austria .
Users of GIBcam software come primarily from the small and medium- Tool, model and mold, automotive design, engineering and eg also from the fields of musical instruments and toy manufacturing. They use GIBcam for mold design, to create production-ready workpiece geometries, for the work and preparation for the workshop-oriented programming.
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