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Goratu Maquinas Herramienta


Goratu Maquinas Herramienta S.A.
C/ Lerun, 1
20870 Elgoibar
+34 943 748060
+34 943 744093

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About us

MORE THAN half a century

In Goratu Máquinas Herramienta S.A. we made our first machines over half a century ago. We now offer customised solutions for highly specialised technologies.

ONE VISION, two brands

Experience, technological innovation and a focus on exporting its solutions.

  • GEMINIS.The leading brand in state-of-the-art horizontal and multiprocess lathes.
  • LAGUN.The trademark identified with a wide range of possibilities in milling technology


We have a highly qualified research and development department based on innovation in a constant search for options and alternatives.
Therefore, we allocate > 5% of our turnover to research, development and innovation.

We have more than 20 specialists, i.e., 10% of the workforce, dedicated to R&D, and also the most advanced equipment.

We work in close cooperation with several technological centres such as IK4-Tekniker, CIC marGUNE, Invema…

We are involved in 5 European, national or regional programmes for the design and manufacturing of more efficient and safer machines with an approved budget of € 1,711,067.

Pillars: Dimension – Precision – Multiprocess

We are specialists in lathing and milling technology and have focused on the development of large and complex machines to machine parts with a higher added value.
This policy has led us to develop the multiprocess range, capable of performing different machining processes with a single machine.


Spain is the third producer and exporter of machine tools in the European Union and the ninth in the world.

Goratu was created and has always been associated with Elgoibar, a town in the north of Spain, the cradle of Spanish machine tools and the base of the Machine Tools Institute and Museum.

We now export > 90% of our production.

This focus on exporting our solutions has led us to form a large international network to make sure we work hand in hand with the customer. We therefore have subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, India and China, as well as a large commercial network.

We work hand in hand with our customers

We are aware that our customers are not looking to buy new machines, but rather are searching for solutions. We therefore adapt our machines’ design to the specific needs of each customer.

With the machine configured, our customer service informs the customer about the manufacturing process and then the final verifications and applications service certifies the optimal operation of the machine with real machining.

As regards after-sales, the qualified technicians of the Technical Assistance Service install the machine and assure its correct operation in the customer’s company throughout its life cycle.

Quality, Safety and the Environment

We manufacture all of the machines we develop under CE marking, the fundamental indicator of product conformity with European Union legislation. In our efforts to demonstrate our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and on-going improvement, we have received the following certifications from Bureau Veritas:

ISO 9001: quality management and ongoing improvement system to increase customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001: environmental management standard for complying with legislation concerning the prevention of pollution.

ISO 14006: environmental management standard intended to reduce our machines’ impact throughout their life cycle: design, manufacture, distribution, use, maintenance and assessment (at the end of their life cycle).

 As an organisation committed to the safety of our staff and our workplace, we operate under the internationally accepted OHSAS 18001 specification for the establishment, introduction and operation of an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
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