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SEH Technik GmbH
Freudenbergstraße 1
9242 Oberuzwil
+41 71 940 06 76
+41 71 940 06 78

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 29 categories

Machine tools
Parts and components
Precision tools & clamping technology
Robotic and automation
Surface technology

About us

Our goal is to become and maintain the position of a leading, innovative tool manufacturer and problem solver in the field of production optimisation. Our target group are manufacturing plants – regardless of their size and sector – that machine components.

Our range of tools serve to increase efficiency in component production as well as optmising production line processes.

To maintain long-term cooperation based on the principle of partnership
Cooperation based on mutual trust is of utmost importance to us, regardless of whether this concerns staff, suppliers, customers or commercial partners. We aim to ensure there is a balance between give and take. This requires integrity, something we offer to all our partners, and something we also expect from them. Our goal is to achieve a win-win situation.

Customer satisfaction is the minimum goal
The end-users as well as our trade partners are considered as our customers.
• Our end-users are served by our competent, locally active trade partners.
• Our trade partners are trained and permanently supported by ourselves as the manufacturer.

The aim of our activity is, that our tool solutions inspire enthusiasm at both. We take requests and suggestions from our customers very seriously and will do our best to respond in a fast and unbureaucratic manner.

Work is pleasure and brings daily challenges
We are working as a team but each of us has his correspondent area of competence and responsibility. We enjoy our work and look forward to the results. Problems are considered as a challenge and we handle them with care and a positive mindset.
We trust in the abilities of each individual person and believe that no goal is too ambitious!

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