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GTI-process AG
Georg-Mayr. Str. 9
97828 Marktheidenfeld
+49(0) 9391 9896-800
+49(0)9391 9896-839

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About us

The GTI-process AG is a longtime software provider for the process industry. Our motto says: "This products remain safe and affordable." We support our customers in the process industry, to make your production processes more flexible, efficient and safe to be fully prepared against the ever growing competition and cost pressures in the future. With our experienced and highly motivated staff, we support our customers as partners in all new projects, retrofitting of existing facilities, and efficiency improvements throughout the manufacturing process. We develop streamlined, easy-to-use software solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers and not vice versa! We increase the flexibility of production processes and increasing efficiency.
With upgradeable software modules, we guarantee 100% reproducibility and traceability throughout the production chain.
Software solutions for machine data acquisition, energy management and maintenance increase productivity and conserve resources.
Interfaces to all major control systems allow a very inexpensive way to capture and process data to generate meaningful metrics.
With data collection and MES solutions, we give an overview on the production and identify potential for improvement.

Together with our partners for automation and plant construction, with whom we have a trusting and long-lasting relationship, we can also produce complete projects customized and cost-effective.