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High flexibility for payloads of up to 80 kg with the size-3 two-axis gantry

Güdel's gantry concept has proven to be a guarantee for high reliability and short cycle times. With the size-3 two-axis gantry, the payload has been increased from 63 kg to 80 kg. Helical racks ensure smooth operation and reduced noise. In addition to optimized ease of maintenance, the tooth flank backlash can also be adjusted easily with an eccentric ring. 

The expanded Güdel option portfolio offers more flexibility and safety in production.

With the steel Z-axis (option 130) Güdel offers an efficient solution to counter bi-metal effects between the aluminum profile and steel rails at high temperatures. For an X-compensation on the Z-axis (option 135), the attachments below the Z-axis can be adjusted by +/- 10 mm in the X-direction. This particularly useful with H-loaders. An impact protection for the Z-axis (option 136) has also been developed. The sensor triggers a system stop in case of a collision while lowering the Z-axis. The safety stroke of 106 mm is to avoid damage. 

The gantry is driven by helical, hardened and ground racks and pinions and with the Güdel high precision ankle gearbox HPG 45. All components are manufactured by Güdel to fulfill the high requirements of the customers from divers industries. 

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