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Hanwha Corporation


Hanwha Corporation
9 Sungsanpaechongro Sungsandong
51575 Changwon
South Korea
+82 55 210-6421

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Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 2 categories

Machine tools
Turning machines (lathes)
High speed automatic lathes
Other lathes

About us

Toward the Dream of 'World's Leading Company, Hanwha Corporation'
Since its establishment in 1952 under the founding philosophy of 'contributing to the nation and society,'Hanwha Corporation has continued its growth over the last six decades, playing a crucial role in supporting the nation's economic development during that time. With our forward-looking, bold restructuring endeavors to improvemanagement efficiency, we have realigned our business operations to focus on the Explosives and Defense Divisions and our global knowhow-based Trading Division, and we completed our merger with Hanwha TechM (currently 'Hanwha Corporation/Machinery Division') on October 1, 2014.

Based on our rich business experience, we have created new core technologies, sustaining market growth and expansion abroad. We will continue take one step after another on the path toward our goal of becoming a world-leading global company that promotes the development of humanity and advances human values, embodying Hanwha's TRI-circle management values of trust, respect, and innovation.

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