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Hartmetall Estech


Hartmetall Estech AG
Industriestr. 13
6285 Hitzkirch
+41 419 - 19 91 - 00
+41 419 - 19 91 - 99

Route planner

Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 3 categories

Materials & semifinished products
Sintered materials
Blanks for tools - carbide
Cutting Materials
Cemented carbides

About us

At the focus of our work is on the high desires and requirements of our clients. For them, we do not want to be only a supplier, above all we also want to be their partner. In all areas where good carbides are the better solution. Our comprehensive range of types covers all needs in all areas of application very well. The best type of carbide for every operation. This ensures that we can always jointly guarantee the best result.

... As an independent partner we are not our clients competitor.
... Our Carbide products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.