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Absolute Rotary Encoders from HEIDENHAIN

Absolute Rotary Encoders from HEIDENHAIN: 

Custom-Designed for Sophisticated Applications in Machine Tools


Absolute rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN for machine tools are high-precision measured value recording devices for rotary motion. They detect position modifications at high resolution and send corresponding signals in high quality to the control immediately following encoder switch-on. Their classic field of application includes infeed torque motors and rotary axes in automation processes, and in this function, they are also essential for the accuracy and reliability of a machine tool, for example with the precise rotation of magazines and turrets in tool changers and in the control of auxiliary axes.


HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders provide machine builders with major advantages in terms of simple, rapid mounting and connection. Compact connection dimensions of 56 mm in diameter with a recess depth of 36.7 mm guarantee space-saving mounting in smaller machines and in confined installation conditions. The wide diversity of custom-designed electronic interfaces ensures simple connection to the machine control systems of various providers, for example Mitsubishi, Fanuc α and αi as well as Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ. Machine tool builders can also specify the EnDat interface, either with incremental signals or as a purely serial interface, and versions with the latter are also available with functional safety.


As rotary encoders with integral bearing conceived specifically for machine tools, HEIDENHAIN solutions are protected against dust and humidity and are resistant to vibration and shock. They comply with protection to IP 66 in accordance with DIN 60529 and achieve, depending on the coupling, vibration resistance up to 300 m/s² in accordance with EN 60068-2-6 and shock resistance to 2000 m/s² in accordance with EN 60068-2-27. The decisive prerequisite for the high level of measurement precision and operational safety of HEIDENHAIN absolute rotary encoders is the contact-free and therefore wear-free optical scanning process.


Versions with stator coupling or for separate shaft coupling are available for mechanical coupling to the machine, with both systems having a uniform mechanical connection contour that is completely independent of the electronic interface and typical for HEIDENHAIN. This enables machine manufacturers to mount rotary encoders with electronic interfaces via a single connection contour for a wide spectrum of controls. Thanks to this universality, HEIDENHAIN currently offers the only rotary encoders on the market combining Fanuc or Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ interfaces with a hollow shaft.


With this overall, user-friendly package of mechanical, electronic and functional advantages, HEIDENHAIN provides absolute rotary encoders that are custom-designed for sophisticated applications in machine tools. Machine builders benefit from the wide range of mounting and connection options independent of the control system used, and users can be confident in the long-term, precise functionality of their machines. Angle encoders, however, are the first choice for the control of interpolatable axes.

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