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Angle encoder modules with integrated drive motor from HEIDENHAIN

Smooth and high-precision motion control in one compact system

HEIDENHAIN has developed angle encoder modules for very high measuring accuracy. They combine highly accurate angle encoders and high-precision bearings, and they are a true alternative to air-bearing axes regarding reproducible guideway accuracy. The integration of a torque motor with a very low detent torque is now the logical step forward in this solution. The angle encoder modules with integrated drive motor are compact, perfectly matched systems to master the tasks of motion, control and measurement with specified high accuracy in sophisticated applications.

HEIDENHAIN angle encoder modules are characterized by their high degree of measuring accuracy and a bearing with very high guideway accuracy and high rigidity. The low and consistent friction torque permits steady rotary motion. The combination with a special torque motor enables extraordinarily smooth motion control. Neither disruptive detent torques nor radial forces impair the high guideway accuracy of the bearing. By integrating the motor component in the angle encoder module, HEIDENHAIN has developed a particularly compact system with a low overall height and high rigidity. It is precisely the great rigidity of all the components that maintains the high accuracy even under changing loads.

The devices are optimized in particular for the exacting requirements of metrology applications. Their most important features are very high resolution and excellent repeatability, even when operating temperatures vary. High motor torque is generally not of great importance here.

The angle encoder modules with integrated drive motor significantly reduce installation and calibration times. In the place of numerous individual components is a highly integrated assembly with tested and specified properties. Simple mechanical interfaces eliminate all critical mounting processes. The elaborate matching of all individual components to each other as well as to the machine environment is no longer necessary, nor is time-consuming testing. At the same time, it is ensured that the specified accuracy is attained in the application. 

Customer-specific modifications are possible for perfect adaptation to individual requirements. Particularly good performance in dynamics and position stability is provided by the combination with AccurET controllers from ETEL. 



HEIDENHAIN angle encoder modules with integrated torque motor provide drive, control and measurement with very high accuracy in one compact system.

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