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Standard parts for press tools, moulds and dies


Locking pins

KIPP offers a selection of more than 1300 different high-quality locking pins in the operating parts area.

Locking pins enable quick and easy adjustment of moving components. Thanks to the large selection of different models, they can be used in every conceivable area. When the head of the locking bolt is pulled, the bolt retracts and the object can be adjusted. When the user releases the head, the bolt extends again and the part to be adjusted is locked in place. Locking bolts thus prevent the locking position from being changed by lateral forces. As the extension and locking of the bolt is also referred to as engagement, they are also known as locking bolts

We offer many different types of locking bolts:
- Standard locking bolts
- Locking bolts with locking mechanism
- Locking bolts with eccentric lever
- Locking bolts with remote actuation
- Pneumatic locking bolts
- Locking bolts with integrated status sensor

You will find both classic and premium locking bolts in the KIPP range. The difference lies not in the quality, but in the precision of the individual products
When selecting the material, it is also important not to ignore the subsequent application. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why you have a choice of different materials: steel, stainless steel or plastic. Thanks to the different materials and designs, locking pins from KIPP can be used in almost all areas and for all applications. Some examples are Mechanical engineering: Positioning on guide rails · Fixture construction: Assembly fixtures · Food industry: Filling systems, packaging systems · Automotive engineering: Locking for extensions, latches · Rehab sector: Rolling arms · Agriculture: Adjusting the working depth of plowshares

In the KIPP online store, you can obtain the right locking pins for your application. Choose your quality product from a wide range and order it conveniently online. On request, we can also work with you to develop individual special solutions that are tailored precisely to your application. Translated with DeepL
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