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HELLER solutions: Knowing how it's done.

EMO 2015: Cutting-edge and cost-effective over the complete life cycle

4-axis machining centre model H 4500

Model H 4500 for high reliability to the limits

Smaller batch sizes, shorter delivery times and growing complexity of components continue to pose new challenges to machine manufacturers. The same is true for reliability and productivity when machines are operated to the limits.

With 4-axis machining centre model H 4500, HELLER will be presenting a machine concept at EMO 2015, providing a small footprint and designed for robust processes as a cost-effective entry model to the HSK-A 100 class. At the same time, the machine concept offers a comprehensive range of standard equipment due to its high degree of standardisation, resulting in almost limitless options of individual application. This includes a tool magazine with 50 storage places, tactile tool measurement and cleaning of tool cartridges and holders.

Model H 4500, for instance, provides a load capacity of 1,400kg per pallet to suit a broad spectrum of machining applications. At EMO 2015, HELLER will be exhibiting model H 4500 equipped with Fanuc control 31i-B and the Enforced Eco Cutting spindle version, providing 38kW power, 242Nm torque and 12,500rpm spindle speed. These characteristics not only provide high milling capacity but also the flexibility for a broad range of applications from light-metal machining through to heavy-duty cutting.

Although this concept of HELLER's comes without extreme rapid traverse and acceleration rates and rather focuses on realistic dynamic rates, adequate system design allows to minimise positioning times and to achieve a chip-to-chip-time of 4.0 seconds.

All in all, the stability and productivity provided by the H 4500 mainly result from the known advantages of HELLER's horizontal machining centres, including the inherently rigid design of the machine bed, a twin drive in the Z axis, the water-cooled spindle neck and free chip fall between the rotary table and the pallet changer, steep chip chutes in the work area and at the load/unload station as well as a 600mm wide scraping conveyor covering the complete Z-stroke.

5-axis mill/turning centre CP 4000

CP 4000 for a special product range

A reduced number of setups and increased workpiece precision are what is normally associated with 5-axis machining. However, if additionally high dynamics and chip removal rates and a powerful machining unit are required, then that is state-of-the-art in this area. In addition to all that, the HELLER C series provides a function for horizontal, vertical and tilted turning with A and B axis.

At EMO 2015, HELLER will be demonstrating machining of workpieces to full capacity on 5-axis mill/turning centre CP 4000, equipped with PCU 63 swivel head unit and HSK-T 63 spindle taper, offering a work area of 800/800/1,045mm (X, Y, Z). With 44kW power, 242Nm torque and up to 10,000rpm spindle speed, HELLER proves that demanding mill/turning operations, highly precise control of speed and acceleration and variable adjustment in terms of precision and surface finish are feasible.

The CP 4000's machine concept is ideal for turning operations, using a fifth axis provided by the tool. That means, vertical and horizontal turning operations of outer and inner contours can be accomplished without any problem with the C axis and optional A and B axis.

As expected, the CP 4000 carries the typical HELLER DNA of enabling highly productive cutting, using economically efficient cutting parameters. High cutting performance is achieved due to the extremely stiff swivel-head geometry, torsional stiffness and form fit provided by a spindle locking feature. High power is also in demand when the workpiece rotates against the tool: for that, the rotary table with direct torque drive delivers the required power and speeds up to 1,000rpm.

Another interesting feature in this context is a function developed by HELLER for the identification of imbalances on the workpiece or the rotary table. It does not require any additional sensors but uses internal drive signals to identify even the slightest imbalances on the workpiece, enabling precise centric clamping. A specially defined user interface supports the operator in correcting imbalances. For turning tools, HELLER additionally offers a standard tool measurement system using tactile sensors. At EMO 2015, HELLER will be presenting model CP 4000 equipped with Siemens Sinumerik 840 Dsl control.

5-axis machining centre model FP 4000

Cost-effective 5-axis milling with highest dimensional and contouring accuracy

5-axis milling is centred around productivity and process dependability. The goal is to set new standards in terms of universality, flexibility and absolute precision. At EMO 2015, HELLER will be demonstrating this with 5-axis machining centre model FP 4000 equipped with a twin drive in the Z axis.

The machine's work area of 800 x 800 x 1,045mm (X/Y/Z) provides good accessibility with ample dimensioning of axis drives. A fifth axis provided by the tool provides the basis for maximum process dependability and workpiece loads of up to 1,400kg.

In combination with Fastems' FPC 1000 flexible pallet container, HELLER demonstrates that a system availability way above 90 percent is feasible without restrictions in terms of chip removal rate – no restrictions because the machine concept presented in Milan is equipped with the PCU 63 Power Cutting Universal swivel head unit. This machining unit, providing 44kW power and 242Nm torque, counts among the most powerful 5-axis spindles with HSK63 spindle taper on the market.Additionally, the power provided is available at any spatial angle. As a result, the FP 4000 enables heavy-duty cutting, combined milling and drilling operations or 5-sided machining in a single setup.

Even in 5-axis simultaneous milling the machine fulfils highest requirements in terms of dimensional and contouring accuracy as well as economic efficiency. For years, the 5-axis machining centre model FP 4000 has been among the first choice of machines for a wide variety of industries, e.g. tool and die or contract manufacture. And there is good reason for that, since the machine provides impressive repeatability.

Temperature curves of a 5-axis machine inevitably vary throughout a day of production. However, due to the precise construction and thermal stability of the machine, they have no influence whatsoever on its precision. This level of precision down to the µ range, is provided by absolute encoded, direct measuring systems, high-resolution rotary encoders and YRT bearings with integrated measuring system. What is more, HELLER combines this level of precision with the required dynamics with proven 5-axis kinematics provided by the tool in X, Y, C and/or A axis and two axes provided by the workpiece in Z and B.

At EMO 2015, HELLER will be exhibiting the machining centres in combination with an 80-place tool magazine and equipped with Heidenhain iTNC 530 control.

25-year anniversary of the company's Italian sales and service subsidiary

Our very own highlight

Another highlight HELLER will be celebrating at EMO is the 25-year anniversary of the company's Italian sales and service subsidiary. HELLER Italia Macchine Utensili S.r.l, founded in 1990, is located in the northern Italian Settimo di Pescantina near Verona.

Ever since its foundation, HELLER Italia has been successfully working with the automotive industry on numerous reference projects, e.g. with Fiat and Ferrari. Currently, the company employs 19 staff in technical support and order processing. Activities of the Applications department include preparation of times studies, handling of turnkey projects and simultaneous engineering in cooperation with customers. Services form another key area.

HELLER Italia is able to offer the whole spectrum – from installation and commissioning, customer training and technical support through to spare part supply or maintenance and overhauls of machines. Meanwhile, HELLER Italia provides support for over 400 machines in the region.

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