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HELLER 2015: excellent prospects

Recovering markets

Provided that escalation of the crises in the known troubled regions can be prevented, we expect a very positive development in the coming years. Asia was, is and remains one of the great hopes for the future, although the Chinese market shows slight signs of consolidation. In South America, especially Brazil, the economic climate remains fragile and characterised by a significant investment backlog, which, however, is expected to clear in the medium term. Europe, too, seems to be stabilising. The current favourable economic climate in the US is expected to persist.

As far as the general business situation in our industry is concerned we agree with the leading industry associations, predicting a positive development based on the current order situation. Domestic machine tool production is expected to see another slight increase, thus reaching a new record level.

Consistent further development in all areas

We will be starting the year 2015 with an order backlog exceeding the previous year's level by approximately 50%. We also expect further lucrative contracts from project business, single machine sales and service business and anticipate a satisfactory business performance throughout 2015.

The effects resulting from ongoing improvement projects will also be contributing to this development. HELLER’s most important asset in this context remains the value-creation network of the group companies, enabling the HELLER Group to respond flexibly to fluctuations in business volumes of individual business areas or regions.

We also expect added impetus from R&D, currently in the process of developing new machine types and optimising the cost of the current product range. Furthermore, systematic personnel development programmes are being implemented throughout the entire group.

In our submarkets in Europe, South America and Asia we will promote both project business and single-machine sales. For this purpose, suitable sales and service capacities have been established in target markets. Our current product range also enables us to address a growing number of customers from outside the automotive industry in the regions mentioned.

Additionally, we are further expanding our now sizeable service and spare parts business in a targeted manner. This includes strategic further development of traditional markets and targeting new business in underrepresented markets.

All in all, we believe that the HELLER Group is well-positioned in terms of markets and products with a good earnings situation at the moment and therefore expect a gratifying development of business throughout 2015.

HELLER employees: workforce expansion, also at Nürtingen headquarters

Since 2011, there have been 180 new additions to the workforce of the HELLER Group. In 2015, we will create up to 160 new jobs, most of them at our parent company.

Our aim is to set down a marker for our headquarters in Nürtingen by increasing staff levels to offset future losses due to retirement, building up capacities in production and assembly and developing expertise in 5-axis business.

Independent of the location, the high quality of the HELLER products and services is backed by dedicated and qualified staff everywhere. That is why we remain committed to not only maintain the high quality level but to globally promote and enhance it through special measures and qualification programmes.

Mastering this challenge is one of the most important tasks of the HELLER organisation as a whole, also for the current business year 2015. Training and personnel development at HELLER are key to tomorrow's success. That is why the company is proud that, throughout the world, the name HELLER has for a long time been synonymous with excellent products and services as well as outstanding, renowned and sophisticated vocational education and advanced training – at all production locations.

Responsible for the content of this press release: Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH


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