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Review of the financial year 2016: HELLER exceeds targets

Order intake: strong project business

The 2016 order intake amounts to EUR 526.9m. Although it was below the previous year’s strong figure, it has exceeded the 2016 forecast by EUR 8.9m. Development of new-machine business was stronger than anticipated which is mainly due to strong project business. Project business, especially with automotive customers, still accounts for more than 50% of our business volume. Another crucial factor for exceeding the forecasted order intake is the positive development of project business in Asia – mainly in China – and in other European countries. The positive development of the European single-machine business during the final three months of 2016, which continued throughout the first months of 2017, is also encouraging.


Distribution of orders received: Europe dominates

Europe (including Germany) still holds the strongest share of 56% (previous year 55%); Asia holds a very high share of 24% (previous year: 26%), whilst North and South America together make up for 20% (previous year: 19%).


Turnover and total operating revenue: significantly better than expected

At EUR 537.7m, the turnover achieved in 2016 was EUR 18.3m (-3%) below the previous year. The year-on-year decline in single-machine business was offset by increasing sales revenues from projects. The service business confirmed the previous year’s good results. Increase in inventories and capitalised services included, the total operating revenue amounted to EUR 527.5m (previous year: EUR 561.4m) In a long-term comparison, this is the third highest operating revenue ever achieved. Both, annual turnover and total operating revenue have clearly exceeded the 2016 annual plan.


Result and capital resources: stable conditions

The consolidated net income of the Group has significantly increased compared with the previous year. The equity ratio amounts to 29.9%. Midyear, there was a significant change in terms of shareholders. HELLER ended its successful cooperation with BWK GmbH on the best of terms after 20 years as a shareholder. As a result, Heller GmbH is a wholly family-owned enterprise again. All in all, the financial and assets position provides stable conditions.


Investments: consistent and on a global scale

Investments in 2016, totalling approx. EUR 12.4m, focused on real estates and buildings as well as operating and business equipment. Apart from preserving capacity and improving efficiency, investments aimed at the optimisation of warehousing and logistics at the Nürtingen location and the renovation of the existing building stock at Redditch in the UK and Troy in the US.


Healthy growth within the HELLER Group

As per the end of the year, the number of employees, including apprentices, slightly increased from 2,534 to 2,576. This figure mainly reflects a moderate increase in staff numbers in Germany. Professional education of young people as skilled workers continues to have high priority. Additionally, the company is offering a number of work-study programmes. To keep our staff's knowledge and skill levels up to date, we provide numerous training, qualification and further education measures. They are based on uniform international qualification standards and HELLER's group-wide educational standards.

Responsible for the content of this press release: Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH


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