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Heronius GmbH
Steinbeisstr. 12
73037 Göppingen

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About us

Heronius SmartFactory controls future automation systems without a conventional PLC. The setup and control is intuitive and allows to configure complex control sequences consisting of robots, machines, peripherals, sensors, actuators without programming. The entire solution is manufacturer, product and control independent.

+ The automation cell of the future has only the Heronius SmartFactory as its user interface.
+In the Heronius SmartFactory, the process of the entire plant is compiled visually via drag & drop.
+ The physical structure of the plant is reduced due to the reduced complexity.
+ Cost reduction by reducing complexity. A simpler structure and programming that can be carried out by anyone puts an end to the dependence on expensive specialists.
+ Simple and fast automation of your machine tool - long commissioning times are greatly reduced
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