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BSF Back Spotfacing Tool
BSF Back Spotfacing Tool
Heule Werkzeug AG
BSF Back Spotfacing Tool
Ø6.5 mm bis Ø21.0 mm
2.3 x
1 : 2.3
BSF - The Competitive Back Spotfacing Tool

Back Spotfacing up to 2.3 x Bore Diameter

The surprisingly simple BSF tool concept allows back spotfacing or back counterboring in one operation without turning the workpiece. The productive efficiency is distinguished by its simplicity and high process capability. Starting the spindle with the recommended activation speed, the blade swings out in working position. We can control the retraction of the blade with the pressure of the coolant.

Specifics / Benefits

■ The BSF tool is especially designed for automatic operation and is immediately ready for service. It works without an anti-rotation device, change of turning direction or any machine adaptations.

■ The simple swing mechanism combined with the internal coolant pressure system (min. 20 bar) is granting a high tool capability.

■ All tool components and blades are simple to replace.

■ The tool works vertically and horizontally.

■ Standard range with steps of 0.5 mm from bore diameter 6.5 mm to 21.0 mm.

■ Blades available in all dimensions, with different coatings in carbide quality.

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COFA Deburring Tool
COFA Deburring Tool
Deburring tool
Heule Werkzeug AG
Shaving cutters, deburring tools
COFA Deburring Tool
Ø2.0 mm bis 26.0 mm, darüber mit Kassettenlösung
0.15 mm bis 1.40 mm
Ø2.0 mm up to 26.0 mm, larger with cassette solution
0.15 mm up to 1.40 mm
COFA - The Universal Deburring Tool

Consistent deburring of even and uneven bore edges, front and back in one single pass. Both bore edges will be machined without requiring the work piece to be turned. For efficient and process capable high volume production.


■ The COFA standard tool series ranges from bore diameter Ø2.0mm up to Ø26.0 mm. The cassette system is designed for bore diameters larger than Ø26.0 mm.

■ The exchangeable carbide blades are carried out with material dependant coatings.

■ The COFA system guarantees a consistent, radially shaped deburring of even and uneven bore edges.

■ Tool types C6 up to C12 allow up to three different deburring sizes without changing the tool due to the exchangeable blade sizes.

■ Machining of the bore edge without creating a secondary burr.

■ The cassette solution intgrates the deburring process into an existing customer tool. By combining two or several processes in one single tool, the cycle time can be reduced considerably
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SNAP Chamfering Tool
SNAP Chamfering Tool
Shaving cutters, deburring tool
Heule Werkzeug AG
Shaving cutters, deburring tools
SNAP Chamfering Tool
Ø2.0 mm bis 35.0 mm, darüber mit Kassettenlösung
0.2 mm bis 1.5 mm
Ø2.0 mm up to Ø35.0 mm, larger with cassette solution
0.2 mm up to 1.5 mm
SNAP - The Economic Chamfering Tool

The SNAP tool is an efficient front and back chamfering tool that is easy to use and which allows quick blade changes, making it a convenient solution for any manufacturing environment. Without any need to turn the work piece or to stop the spindle, it removes the burrs and chamfers the edges. The SNAP tool has been designed for automatic operation involving large production lots.

Specifics / Benefits

■ Front and back chamfering of bore edges in One Operation.

■ Manually exchangeable carbide blade with material-specific coating.

■ The compact design ensures easy handling and high process reliability.

■ No injury of bore surfaces during penetration of the bore.

■ Can be used for bore diameters of 2.0 mm and larger.
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COFA-X Anwendung
Deburring Tools for Cross Bores
Heule Werkzeug AG
Shaving cutters, deburring tools
X-BORES - New Technologies for Cross Bore Deburring

With X-BORES HEULE advances into uncharted technical territory that has been out of reach so far.
HEULE provides solutions for the automated deburring of cross bores. In a close cooperation with the customer, our R&D team examines the feasibility and develops a tailor-cut tool for the specific application.

Existing technologies soon run into their limits. The deburring by means of a defined cutting edge in a chip making process brings up major advantages.

The application areas:e

■ Cross bores with a diameter ratio of 1:1 (Product / Technology: COFA-X)

■ Deburring of Oil Bores (Product / Technology: CBD)
  • COFA-X Application
  • CBD Application
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