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Boost your OEE. Avoid errors. React flexibly. We support you in your production goals.

June 2018
Author: Oerder
Company: Vero Software GmbH
Boost your  OEE. Avoid errors. React flexibly. We support you in your production goals.

You know this situation?

You receive a  follow-up contract to manufacture a complex part, but the 5-axis machine which has been used for this machining process is occupied for the next few days with another program.

With NCSIMUL you can react in a few steps:

1. Check easily the availability of all machines relevant for the production of this part in real-time.

2. In the next step, NCSIMUL 4CAM automatically converts your original NC program to the new target machine and control system. In addition, the program can, for example, be split to run on a 3-axis and a 5-axis machine, whereby the 3-axis machine executes the preparatory rough-machining processes and the 5-axis machine only needs to execute the simultaneous finishing programs. Your team will not lose time with manual reprogramming.

3. Thanks to our high-performance NC simulation and optimization you can rely on collision free and optimized NC programs.

4. When changing machines the existing program will be directly adapted to the performance data of the new machine, suitable tools will be shown in 3D quality and directly fed into the program, when transferred. All modifications made in the NC program are also incorporated into the integrated digital document management.

Your results?

You are able to better manage your production capacity and respond flexibly to short-term resource changes. Jobs can be processed faster because the time for manual reprogramming or running-in of the programs on the machine are drastically reduced. Your team can rely on collision free NC programs and updated data in an interactive collaboration process.

You have the same goals?
Feel free to contact us here or just visit us during one of our upcoming events.


Additional information: NCSIMUL doesn't help you win football games... so far :-).