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Holroyd Precision


Holroyd Precision Ltd.
Harbour Lane North, Milnrow
OL16 3LQ Rochdale, Lancashire
United Kingdom
+44 1706 526590
+44 1706 353350

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 12 categories

Machine tools
Milling machines
Grinding machines
Tool grinding machines
Gear cutting and finishing machines
Deburring machines
Industrial machines & equipments
Welding machines

About us

High Precision Machine Tool Manufacture from Holroyd Precision

Holroyd are firmly at the forefront of high precision machine tool design,
build and supply.
We have more than 150 years of accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise as industry leaders serving a global customer base.

Our gear, rotor and thread grinding and rotor milling machines produce the world's most accurate rotors, gears and threads plus ultra precision components in a diverse range of industries including aerospace, marine, power generation and high end automotive.

We have developed some of the most sophisticated, bespoke software in the marketplace boasting a simple rapid set and intuitive user interface. This is an investment that allows customers to operate more efficiently and effectively with faster turnaround between jobs

Total Solutions
Our customers also benefit from a total service solution. We are a flexible production partner, working with customers to:

- develop production cells to aid lean manufacturing
- offer additional manufacturing capacity to meet surges in demand
- provide 24 hour advice and technical support from our global network of offices
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