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HOTA Industrial


Hota Industrial Mfg. Co. Ltd.
No.16 Keya Rd., Daya Dist
42881 Taichung City

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 5 categories

Machine tools
Gear cutting and finishing machines
Cylindrical gear hobbing machines
Gear cutting centres
Gear shaving machines
Gear tooth rounding and gear tooth deburring machines
Other gear cutting machines

About us

HOTA Industrial Mfg Co., Ltd. was set up in 1966, and has been committed to gear production improvement since establishment. In Taiwan, machine tools have been an important and very competitive industry. Production quantity and quality of the gears are very import during company growth and development. Production of high-precise and high-efficient gear machinery has been important for technology enhancement and development of Hota Industrial. Since 2003, Hota Industrial started to focus on R & D of CNC gear cutting machine and set up a machinery division in 2005. Through continuous R & D and strict quality and production test, it’s now branded "HARTECH" for the global machine market.

Continuous enhancement and innovation of gear manufacturing processes has been the goal that Hota Industria pursues. Combined with professional gear manufacturing experience of HOTA , the current release of HGH series of CNC gear hobbing machine, HGS series of CNC gear shaving machine, and HGD series CNC gear deburring machine have came with capability of integrated gear production line. Provide customer from single processing machinery to the systematic planning of gear cutting production.
Hota Industrial Mfg Co., Ltd. uses "HARTECH" brand of gear processing machinery market worldwide and brand products have been successful in its brilliant sale performance, especially in Japanese market that has well-known for its strict quality control including TOYOTA, AISIN-AI ,FUJI Heavy Industries, and so forth well-known companies. Repeat orders from these international well-know and quality demanding companies have built up “ HARTECH” gear machine a highly reputation.

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