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HURCO Videos

CNC programming: WinMax control

2016-10-17 14:39 | 231 calls
The industry's most powerful CNC control system: faster from the drawing to the finished part | shortest processing times | fastest programming | Quick overview through double screen | ergonomically designed.

The Hurco CNC control increases profitability - from design to the finished workpiece. The integrated CNC control system from Hurco, together with the performance of WinMax®, forms the CNC control with the industry's greatest flexibility and intuitive usability. More importantly, each feature offers benefits that can be measured as increased productivity, which in turn leads to increased profitability.

Automated programming by DXF. DXF files can be imported directly into the CNC control. The geometry data can be automatically transferred to the machining program. Only the technology data (tool, radius compensation) have to be added.

Maximum benefit from the advantages of both programming methods. The NC program jumping option allows the integration of NC programs in dialog programs.