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I.A.P. Globe S.r.l.
Via La Spezia 160
43126 Parma

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 5 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Finishing tools
Abrasive tools and products
Grinding wheels, abrasive discs and belts
Bonded abrasive products
Coated abrasives
Other grinding tools and accessories

About us

Industria Abrasivi Parmense, that subsequently developed with the GLOBE trade mark, originated in 1961 from an idea of brothers Paolo and Pietro Ficai, who acquired their experience from their father Celestino, Professor of Applied Chemistry at the University of Bologna (Faculty of Engineering) as well as co-founder and director or the Ceramics Centre linked to the Faculty.

The researches of Prof. Celestino Ficai mainly focused on industrial ceramics (which at the time was growing in the Modena area), on special cements, on the sintering of aluminum oxides to produce abrasive and refractory elements. The idea of manufacturing abrasive discs was fulfilled and achieved in the factory in La Spezia Street n.75, Parma.

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