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IBT Ingenieurbüro Thiermann


IBT Ingenieurbüro Thiermann GmbH
Paul-Friedländer-Strasse 8
65203 Wiesbaden
+49 611 - 71 654 69 - 0
+49 611 - 61 067

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 15 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
Hand held tools, mechanically
Clamping devices
Metrology & quality assurance
Linear and angular measurement
Measuring instruments
Lubrication, cooling, oils and corrosion treatment
Minimal lubrication technology
Safety and environment
Industrial safety products

About us

We specialize in tools for the Machining Industry. Our product range includes brands such as HASSAY SAVAGE, HOOKY, GRATTEC, HOLDTEC, JETSPRAY, LOC-LINE FLEXI, MITEE BITE, TOOLEX, PIRANHA and RAPTOR. Among our customers are professionals from industry, trades and crafts, who know and appreciate us as their long term reliable and competent partner.

What distinguishes us are high quality, good prices and a wide assortment, but also an experienced, skilled and friendly service team, fast and reliable deli­very and well thought out specialized tool solutions. Because we not only offer tech­nics, we offer you too the knowledge and expertise to find an implement the most appropriate solution and realize the results you need.

At IBT THIERMANN, our main objective is our customers' satisfaction. We want to sup­port them in the fast and effficient resolution of their machining tool needs. As a result, we are constantly work­ing on the expansion, improvement and innovation of our products range and services. For only if they are convincing, we remain an attractive partner for our customers in the long term.
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